“Hey, Hey Good Lookin’…”

“…Watcha got cookin’? How’s about cookin’ somethin’ up with me?” For all you country fans out there, a little Hank Williams Jr. for your enjoyment! Smile

Good Sunday evening!

It’s been quite a relaxing weekend, but let me back up a bit…

Friday morning, my workout came bright and early-5:30am wake-up call for a 6am class.  I am NOT a morning person, but this is something I am working on, so I suck it up every now and then to get my workouts out of the way and completed for the day!  There is also normally a reason for these crack of dawn workouts, for instance, I was heading up north for the weekend and HAD to get in my second workout at my gym for the week and my fourth (and final) workout in for the week.  Well, I was actually feeling really great and proud of myself for getting up and to the gym at such an early hour, let alone in the bitter cold that these mid-western mornings are notorious for.  On top of all that, I was really feeling the workout, and getting into a groove I haven’t felt in a while at the gym. (Love when this happens! Seriously, one of the BEST feelings in the world…or so I thought!)  But, I’m working on trying to experience that groove at the gym more and more, maybe it only happens at the morning workouts??

Anyway, as I was saying, I was already in a great mood when the trainer/instructor of the class (BONUS: who is quite attractive) approached me and said, “Hey, how’s it going?  You’re looking really great, you’ve lost more weight haven’t you? Ya, I thought so, I haven’t had you in my class in a while, but you’re looking really good!”  First of all, I know it is a visible change when a professional trainer who does this for a living takes the time out of a class of 25 clients to make this comment.  Second of all, this comment not only made my Friday, but it made my weekend, and has given me motivation for the rest of this upcoming week! This really had nothing to do with his looks, although no girl can deny that it didn’t hurt either. I truly felt so ecstatic that the rest of my workout was so intense and I really pushed myself with the extra motivation.

On Friday evening, I met up with my boyfriend and parents and we set out to head north for a nice relaxing weekend where there is little to no cell or internet service.  I haven’t been in months and it was definitely overdue.  I really enjoy these weekends because no one is distracted by their phones and we all just play outside and enjoy each other’s company fishing, riding ATV’s, playing cards, etc. Or, my favorite, napping and watching movies!  Either way, it is one of my favorite places.  Saturday afternoon we trekked even more north of the cottage to Tip Up Town.  It’s really fun, and scary, seeing all of the snowmobiles race and cars and trucks being driven out onto the ice!

A beautiful day!!
A beautiful day!!
Saw this little tanker putzin around on the ice and just about died laughing, especially the grown man driving it!
Saw this little tanker putzin around on the ice and just about died laughing, especially the grown man driving it!

Which brings me to this evening.  I arrived back to my place at a fairly decent time today, giving me a chance to stop at the store to pick up some items I needed to make my very first stir fry! I made most of it tonight to let it marinate to eat for dinner tomorrow night with some of my friends.  I’m pretty excited to try it, but also nervous since others will be trying it for the first time.  I will be sure to let you know how it turns out and what they think!

Question of the Day:

Where or what is your favorite weekend getaway?


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