My Very First #MIMM!

This is my first #MIMM and my first  ever linkup…and can I just say that I am ecstatic about it?!

I really love this idea of taking what Monday’s are usually known for being drab, negative, the first day back to work after weekends (blah), and basically anything BUT Marvelous and turning them into positivity and positive outbursts of life, love, and appreciation!!

What was #MIMM you may be asking?

I had a Marvelous early morning workout, no attractive trainer telling me I’m looking good this time, though. 😉 And, although it was sleeting as I left my place this morning, I was still feeling really grateful and appreciative of this brand new week!

I also enjoyed my very first homemade stir fry and it was MARVELOUS! So, so proud of myself!


I shared this heaping batch of chicken, veggies, and rice with my friends, Kirsten and Joey, who just recently had a baby! Madigan was born on Christmas Day and turned one month old over the weekend (I say this as if she turned one YEAR old! Loving this little nugget!) I try and visit every couple of weeks to say hi and catch up!  I met Kirsten through work and since she is still on maternity leave I miss seeing her everyday at work, so I try and make sure to stop by.  And, of course, to get some baby cuteness time in.  I mean come on, how much more adorable can you get?

Too much cuteness!
Too much cuteness!

I’d say the third and final Marvelousness that was my Monday was that I put together a plan of attack for the rest of the week of all of the little errands and chores I need to get done and am feeling really great about catching up on all of it!

For more about #MIMM, make sure to visit Healthy Diva Eats!


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