Chi-Town Weekend

Guess what?!  I’m still alive over here!  Happy Monday, folks!  Sorry for the mini-vacation I took from blogging, so happy to be re-joining again!  What better way to get back in the swing of things than on a #MIMM!  Thanks to Katie for hosting, and a quick congratulations to her and her family!  They just revealed their baby’s gender and it’s a boy! That is beyond MARVELOUS news!!

Weekend Overview

Marvelous was…My entire weekend!!

One of Tim’s gifts to me for Christmas were two tickets to the “‘I Love Lucy’ Live on Stage” show in Chicago for this past weekend.  I am a HUGE ‘I Love Lucy’ fan and still watch the show on t.v. whenever it is on, and STILL laugh out loud and hysterically at them.  I didn’t even know there was a Broadway show for it, but was so excited when I received these tickets for Christmas and to finally get to see it! Tim knows me too well and did a great job in finding and getting me this tickets! Saturday morning, Tim and I woke up, ate some pancakes and turkey bacon, courtesy of Tim, and got ready to head to Chicago.  I would have loved to have had an extra day there, but because of my work schedule, I couldn’t swing it.  Oh well, maybe next time!  There was some great scenery on the way and driving along the lake shore!



Navy Pier
Navy Pier
Do you see how these two cars are COMPLETELY iced?!?!
Do you see how these two cars are COMPLETELY iced?! We’re thinking they’ve been there for a while!

We made it there in good time and just in time to watch the second half of the Michigan/Wisconsin game at Duffy’s Tavern & Grille, one of the Michigan Big Ten sports bars in Lincoln Park.  I love being in atmospheres and around people who share the same passion, about anything, it makes it that much more fun!  The game was a complete bummer and we will leave it at that.  Afterwards, we made our way to check-in at The Allerton Hotel right on Michigan Ave.  It was the perfect location!  From there, we relaxed for a bit before freshening up and heading out to grab some dinner before the show.  We decided to eat at Devon Seafood Grill, I’ve eaten there before and haven’t stopped thinking about it since.  After Tim looked over the menu online he said it sounded good to him.  The restaurant didn’t disappoint and Tim loved it too!  Bonus: It was Chicago Restaurant Week, so we were able to eat at a cheaper price, can’t beat that!

My crab cake dinner
My Jumbo Lump Crab Cake dinner
Tim's dinner
Tim’s Fish dinner

When we got to the show, we took our seats and were ready for a good time!  Sure enough, that’s what we got.  The set up was that our audience was an audience in the 1950s attending two recordings of the original ‘I Love Lucy’ show in Hollywood, California, just as people did when the show originally aired.  All of the cast did such an excellent job staying true to the original actors, down to their mannerisms and voices, I was really impressed!


After the show, Tim wanted to take me to the Big Bar at the Hyatt Regency Chicago.  He had been previously and said the view was great and so were the drinks.  Well, after a $10 cab ride (thanks cab driver for purposefully driving around the block), we arrived to find out that the ENTIRE bar was being upgraded and renovated. 😦  Since we had just spent $10 to get there, we decided to enjoy their makeshift bar/lounge in their sky walk and each ordered some Bloody Mary’s.


On Sunday, we slept in and then grabbed some breakfast.  I ordered the Banana Split Yogurt Parfait.  It was huge and delicious, and you better believe I ate the whole thing!  What a unique idea.  No doubt each of you, including myself, have eaten this exact same thing in a cup.  But, just the change of presentation and the name made it that much more intriguing and yummy! 🙂


Since it was raining, we wandered around the Water Tower Mall until lunch.  We did not want to walk around in that yucky weather.  For lunch, we ate at Giordano’s, because we HAD to have some Chicago Deep Dish Pizza before we left!  As expected, amazingly yummy and filling!


By the time I arrived home, I slipped on my PJ’s and hopped straight into bed to enjoy Once Upon A Time and Revenge!  I have a crazy week and weekend ahead, but I’m so happy to be back with all of you!  Have an amazing rest of your Monday and week!



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