#MIMM on a Tuesday

Hello, hello!!  We’re cutting right to the chase today since I didn’t come back yesterday, like I had originally planned!

It’s another #MIMM, but we’re celebrating it on a Tuesday this week…oh the joys of getting back to the grind after a long weekend!! They’ll get ya!  As always, thanks to Katie at Healthy Diva Eats for hosting! There was a WHOLE lot of Marvelous going on this weekend since it was my birthday weekend and I turned the big 2-5!  So, on Friday, I mentioned that Tim and I had taken the day off together to just relax and hang out.  We got together with Joey and Kirsten. and baby Madigan later that evening to grab some dinner and attend the rededication of Crisler Center at UofM.

On Saturday, Tim and I got ready and headed to breakfast at a local Pancake House that we go to a lot on the weekends.  They have everything from pancakes, waffles, and french toast, to skillets and omelettes.  I tried their new sweet potato pancakes with candied pecans…O-M-G, delicious!! I’ve been meaning to make these at home, since I’ve heard so much about them and hadn’t tried them before.  Now, I have some extra motivation to make them, they seriously blew me away.  Pardon the partially eaten cake…I got too excited about them to remember to take a picture! Where have these been all my life?!?!


After breakfast, we headed out to Grand Rapids for the day to enjoy the restaurants and breweries before going into the Luke Bryan concert later that night!

Feb. 2013 1837

Peanut butter beer! Sounded better than it tasted, but still cool to try!
Peanut butter beer! Sounded better than it tasted, but still cool to try!

My mom bought me tickets for my birthday and I have been so excited about this concert! Luke definitely put on a fantastic show!  Florida Georgia Line and Thompson Square opened for him, and each of those groups rocked it too!

Feb. 2013 1871 Feb. 2013 1917

Feb. 2013 1842 Feb. 2013 1839 Feb. 2013 1865 Feb. 2013 1866 Feb. 2013 1872 Feb. 2013 1874 Feb. 2013 1884

Feb. 2013 2588 Feb. 2013 2637 Feb. 2013 2978

No, Luke, you shake it for me! ;)
No, Luke, you shake it for me! 😉

One of the best concerts I’ve been to in a while!  And, something you’ll learn is that I go to A LOT of concerts-I’m no expert, nor a tough critic (as I’ve said about movies), but it was up there!  We had such a blast!

Sunday was my actual birthday, and that morning we met up with my parents to go to the Michigan basketball game at noon.  It was an ugly game and win, but I will take it.  They better get their rear ends in gear for the rest of the season.  After the game, we all headed to an early dinner at The Chop House.  I’ve heard all about this restaurant since I moved here about 2 1/2 years ago, but have never made it there.  Everything we had was fantastic and the staff was exceptionally friendly!  I ordered the charbroiled pork chops…look at these bad boys!!


Each one was as big as my face!  Very impressed with presentation, portions, and taste.  I would highly recommend it to anyone, however it is very expensive, so either bring your appetite and money or if you go on the actual day of your birth you will get a percentage off of your bill. Oh, I just love deals! 😀  Well, I hope you enjoyed reading about my weekend as much as I loved experiencing it!  I think I’m really going to enjoy 25 and I think one of the cards I received for my birthday says it best…

Quote of the Day:

“Write it on your heart that every day is the best day of the year” ~Emerson


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