A Plunging and Bowling #MIMM

Oh #MIMM’s how I love you!  If you haven’t heard of a #MIMM yet, I would suggest you head on over and visit Katie at Healthy Diva Eats stat!  She. Is. Awesome!

Marvelous in my Monday was/is…

My weekend, per usual, but what a weekend it was!  I feel like I got a lot accomplished and had a lot to do, but it was still really relaxing and easy-going.  Maybe that’s because it was the first weekend I haven’t had to be anywhere else, but here?  Anyway, Friday I went to my boxing class, and it felt GREAT!  Like I said, I’m normally running around all weekend with busy plans and so I take off on a Friday evening, but this past Friday I was able to get a workout in and a nice relaxing evening in after that.

Saturday morning, I volunteered at the first University of Michigan Polar Plunge held at the Big House!  I had never been a part of something like that but it was beyond touching seeing over 400 plungers there who had raised over $130,000 for the Special Olympics and their athletes!  My favorite part of the day was watching the first plunger, a special athlete, take the plunge in front of a crowd of about 1,000.  The whole place was cheering him on! Very moving!  You can read more about it here and here.  And, if you would like to donate, whether you know someone who took the plunge, or not, donations will be taken up to three months after Saturday’s Polar Plunge.

All of the plungers gathered!
All of the plungers gathered!
One of the freezing pools BEFORE it was filled with ice!
One of the freezing pools BEFORE it was filled with ice!

After volunteering, Tim and I decided we wanted some pizza and we wanted to bowl.  The pizza wasn’t that great, I can’t tell you the last time I had good pizza.  It is really bothering me and I’m thinking about just finding a way to make a healthy version that will be better than anything I CAN’T find out there. (Rant over)  The bowling, however, was a different story.  Now, I don’t like to brag or anything, but you’re looking at a bowling champ ever since I was about 3 or 4 years old.  I had about 4 bowling birthday parties growing up, was on a league when I was 7 and even bowled a 117 way back when! Be jealous! (Haha kidding!) But, alas, I was the nerdy kid that had bowling trophies in my room and was and still am proud of them, no matter how goofy it sounds.  Anyway, I seriously love bowling and would love to join a league again, but can’t seem to find a group of friends interested. 😦  #nerdgirlprobs

Well, on Saturday, my mad bowling skills made a ferocious reappearance!  I’m talking a 156, a 132, and a 163.  And, that last game, the 163, wasn’t even a finished game because the game froze up on me in the beginning of the 10th frame and I gave up on trying to fix it.  Obviously, the bowling lane and computer we were on was biased and didn’t want me to complete my butt kicking against Tim.  Ugh, oh well, next time! 😉 ALSO…I bowled 4 strikes in a row during that last game.  Like I said, not bragging, buuuuut, I’m basically gonna be the Michael Jordan of bowling like ASAP.

When we left the bowling alley, we got all the way to the next restaurant to watch a game when I realized I left my purse back at the bowling alley.  Worst feeling ever!  And failure in girl rules!  Who leaves a purse?!  Especially at my age!  I feel naked when I purposefully leave it at home, in exchange for a clutch, when I go out for the night.  How I went 15-20 minutes without it before even noticing I didn’t have it with me is mind-boggling.  Anyway, my point to this story is that while Tim turned the car right around to go on the purse hunt, I called the bowling alley and asked them to go to the lane we were on to find it so that no one would grab it en route.  The guy on the phone initially said they would go see, but I asked him if I could hold so that he could come back and tell me that he for sure had it in his possession.  I explained to him the exact lane number we were on and that it was a bright purple Coach purse, you can’t miss this thing!  He eventually comes back to the phone to ask if it was a local high school purple…ummm, sure? I don’t know how many purple purses there are out there, but ok? Then he says, “and it has a zipper on the front?” I say, “No, it has a zipper on the back, it says Coach on the front, but same thing.”  He gets very defensive and insists that there is a zipper on the front, I say, “Sure, yes, that is my purse.” I am the one that called about a missing purse, who elses purse would this be?!  When I finally arrive to the bowling alley, the guy hands me my purse and says, “This zipper is in the front.”  I reply “Nope, that is the back.”  He says, “No it’s not, how do you know?” I then asked him “Do you shop at Coach stores often?” To which he says, “No.”  I said, “I didn’t think so.” 🙂  It was all fun and games and we were joking, but really? I think he should stick to bowling balls and bowling bags. 😉

Which is the back...
Which is the back…
...I ask?!
…I ask?!

Sunday was very mellow, yet still productive.  Nothing too exciting to report on for you guys so I won’t bore you with my to-do lists and chores. 😉

Marvelous things that actually have to do with Monday?

The weather here in Michigan today was absolutely GORGEOUS!  I was loving the warm temperatures and sunshine that lasted ALL day!  The not-so-marvelous news is that we are expecting either 6 inches of snow OR lots of rain (we are apparently on the border of this storm) beginning tomorrow afternoon and into Thursday…ummmmm gross! I am so ready for Spring!!

And, best for last…I got to visit Kirsten, Joey, and Madigan for Mexican Mondays with Madigan, since I cooked them fajitas, we had a mini Mexican fiesta this Marvelous Monday!  She is adorable, as always and they are the cutest parents!


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