Old Man Winter, Presents, and Coconut Yogurt

Why hello there, winter wonderland, so NOT nice to see you again! As I mentioned, I have some major Spring Fever and this winter storm is NOT helping any! Oh well, I’m trying to find the positive and at least the scenery is nice…since it rained and then iced before the snow hit. :/



I’m still feeling the birthday love over a week later by receiving this awesome Williams-Sonoma cookbook from a co-worker along with yellow Fiestaware pasta bowls!  She is the best gift giver and so thoughtful!  She obviously knows about my healthy living lifestyle and my attempts to find and cook healthy and QUICK recipes.  After just briefly flipping through it, I pretty much wanted to mark every page for future use. She actually had no idea that I love Fiestaware and I have a nice set now, but no pasta bowls, so I’m pretty excited to use them ASAP! Like I said GREAT gift giver!


Lastly, on this random blog Tuesday, I must share with you that I recently tried coconut greek yogurt and am now a MASSIVELY HUGE fan!  Holy cow, I would recommend that all of you try it the next time you are at the store.  I tried the Yoplait Greek Yogurt, I don’t like the calories in it and prefer Dannon Light & Fit when it comes to calories, but until they make, or I find it, I will totally be buying the Yoplait’s Greek Coconut flavor.  It has coconut flakes in it!  I know! I told you this stuff was good, now what are you waiting for?  Go to your nearest grocery store and pick some up for beautiful self! 😉

Mini-vacation in my mouth! Palm trees and beaches!
Mini-vacation in my mouth! Palm trees and beaches!

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