Fishy Fridays and Sprinkles

You never realize how hard it is to go without something until you can’t.  I think that is basically the point and reason of Lent, in a very, very abbreviated form.  Anyway, I have rediscovered my love of fish and tuna so far in this Lenten season and need to remember to incorporate it more into my everyday recipes!  Of course, as I write this the McDonald’s song, ‘Fishay, Fishay’ is playing in my head.  Oh you, sneaky marketing geniuses.

Alright, alright I’m pretty positive that I am in the minority with what I am about to say next.  And, before everyone gets all in a tizzy, this isn’t a serious post, but what I’m about to say is totally true. 😉

Here we go…

I, Kelly, do not like sprinkles.  There, I said it.  It is out in the open now and I can not turn back.

Seriously, though, I can not understand everyone’s fascination with sprinkles!  For those of you that enjoy, or dare I say, get ecstatic over sprinkles truly baffles me.  Listen, it is one thing for you to see a cupcake, donut, ice cream, or any other sweet treat and get excited.  It is a whole other level when you see said sweet treat and there are sprinkles involved, because, no doubt, the next phrase, “There’s SPRINKLES?!” will be uttered by someone in the vicinity.  What’s the deal with them?  Really?  They don’t taste like anything…they don’t add value to any dessert…I actually think they take away from a perfectly awesome dessert when you are treating yourself.  So why do you eat, enjoy, and get crazy when you see sprinkles?!

My terrible breakfast...
My terrible breakfast

Now you probably are thinking I had some miserable, sheltered childhood where I wasn’t allowed sweet treats or sugar at all.  Not even close, I enjoyed my fair share of sugary donuts, cupcakes, Lucky Charms and Frosted Flakes cereals, ice cream, etc.  The works!  Or, maybe you are thinking I had some traumatic experience with these colorful candies of doom, neither is the case.

Bahaha!! Too cute and funny not to share! 🙂

The reason I stand on my soap box of anti-sprinkles is because my work passed out free sprinkled donuts this morning.  I couldn’t really turn it down, come on now, healthy eating or not, a free donut is a free donut.  Don’t judge. 🙂  I really wanted to decline, because 1.) They are obviously not a healthy choice to start your day, AND 2.) They had sprinkles on them. After this mini-debate in my head, I ended up taking one.  As it sat on my desk and stared at me, I contemplated whether I wanted to eat it or not, especially with the colored candies awaiting. I reminded myself that my taste buds have taken a dramatic turn in the last year and to just try it.   Sure enough, I bit into the sweet fried dough of deliciousness, and seconds later I am CRUNCHING, yes crunching on nasty hard sugar the entire time.  I couldn’t even enjoy treating myself to a donut.  Now, I have not had sprinkles since I was maybe 5? Not sure, but it was awful!  Of course I took a few more bites, like I said, FREE donut, but I ended up only eating half of it (pats self on back).  Not only did I only eat half of the donut, but I actually turned it over and ate the yeasty cakey part of the donut to avoid the sprinkles, I told you, this is how badly I dislike them.  The end result? I didn’t enjoy it one bit, even after I turned the donut over. Just a poor decision all the way around and my lesson was definitely learned.

And, while we are talking about annoying colored specs of the devil, glitter comes to mind. Despise that stuff!  ‘It even has the word litter right in it!’  Oh I just love Ellen!!

Happy Friday everyone, and stay away from those sprinkles! 😉



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