#MIMM Motivational Mantras

Happy Monday and Happy #MIMM!  Thank you to Katie for hosting over at Healthy Diva Eats!

Marvelous in My Monday is…My Michigan Wolverines men’s basketball beat MSU by one point, yesterday afternoon, in a nail biter!  It was too close for comfort and even though we won, our team has a lot of improvements to make before the tournament!

Marvelous in My Monday is…The sun shining, here in Michigan, for a second day in a row!  Get pumped!  It’s funny how the sunshine can really change your mood and give you that extra pep in your step!

Speaking of extra pep, another Marvelous is that I think I’m feeling extra energized this morning because I worked out BOTH Saturday and Sunday this past weekend.  That is a huge accomplishment for me and I hope that I can keep it up, or at least work out once per weekend.  Saturday I headed to my gym to complete another hour circuit and it felt great to start my Saturday off like that!

On Sunday, I went to my boxing class.  Tim seemed interested in taking the class and he ended up joining me for the first time ever, so I was really excited about that.  Just my luck that Tim joins and it was the hardest class I’ve ever been to at the boxing club, with the hardest instructor.  I hadn’t had him previously as an instructor, so he was new to me and kicked mine and Tim’s butts!! Man oh man!


I obviously felt good after about the instructor pushing so hard, but I’m pretty sure I despised him during the entire class….it was killer!

Since we’re talking extra peps and moods, I thought about sharing some motivational mantras that have really hit home for me.  These are little blips that I’ve come across since starting this new healthy lifestyle from a lot of different places but mainly from an instructor or trainer during a workout that have helped give me that last little push I need to complete a circuit or exercise.

Motivational Mantras

You Never Regret A Workout 

Self explanatory, I mean really…have you EVER regretted a workout?  I didn’t even regret the workout I was completing when I injured my back!


Own This Moment, You Are The Only One Who Can

You and I really are the only ones who can own our moments in the gym, while making healthy choices, etc.  Only you can make the choice to go to the gym and choose to eat healthy.  If you don’t, no one else will do it for you.  Every time you make those healthy choices, only you are the one that can appreciate what you’ve accomplished.  Be sure to take a minute to pat yourself on the back and be proud!

You Don’t HAVE To Exercise. You GET To Exercise

This one really became important to me when I injured my back.  I’ve never experienced something so crippling, before.  As I mentioned, I have broken five bones, but inuring your back and realizing how vital that is to your everyday movement is almost life altering.  There are people out there who absolutely CAN NOT work out due to illness, injury, or handicap.  After my injury, it really put this mantra in perspective for me and is now really important for me to remember to keep me going.

I Get To Work Out, There Are Many Out There Who Can’t

This is along the exact same lines as the previous mantra.  Exercise for those who can’t.

There Are 168 Hours In A Week. I’m Only Asking For 7 Of Them

When you stop to think about it this way, it kind of takes you aback. 7 hours?!  That’s it?!  Out of 168?!  I can do that and so can you!



This is from Reebok.  I could only find the link to the men’s t-shirt, however the women’s purple shirt is awesome!  I wish I could find the women’s shirt to purchase because it really gives me inspiration and motivates me.  I originally saw it on Julie’s blog, Peanut Butter Fingers and if you haven’t checked out her blog, I would highly recommend it!  Her blog was the first blog I started reading back in April/May 2012, and it helped me start my healthy lifestyle change because she made working out and eating healthy look fun.  Her recipes are fantastic and easy to make which is right up my alley! 🙂   Reading Peanut Butter Fingers also helped motivate me to start writing Whipping Thru Life, so like I said, be sure to check her out!

Don’t Stop When You’re Getting Tired And It Gets Hard, That’s When You’re Getting Stronger

Again, for me, this one makes me stop and think about it.  It IS hard, but if it was easy everyone would do it, another mantra, if you’re interested. If it were easy, everyone would be in shape and we wouldn’t be talking about this right now at all!  When your workouts get tough, your brain has a mechanism to tell you to stop, that’s its way of protecting your body, that is natural.  What we have to teach ourselves is that when you want to stop because you’re tired or the workout is too hard, that is when you keep going and make yourself keep going.  That is when you’re getting better and stronger.

Sweat Now For The Body You Will Appreciate Later

Something like that.  I can’t find the exact words to this one, but my version works.  The point for me is that when I’m getting tired during a workout, I remind myself that all of this sweating and maybe some pain will be worth it when I have a fit and healthy body later.  It works, for me, and helps me finish what I started.


Dig! Dig deep!

Sometimes, that is the only way to find that extra push.  It’s gonna be deep inside of you and you’ve got to find a way to dig it out in order to push through that workout.

How Bad Do You Want It?

I love when an instructor yells this out during a workout.  How bad do I really want it??  Yes, I’m here and working out, but am I pushing myself to the fullest?  I know I want it bad, I want to be healthy and fit very badly, and since that’s the case this helps me push myself harder during workouts.


Go For It

This one took me a second to soak in when a trainer first yelled it.  What am I going for?  It helped me reflect that the only way to accomplish getting fit and healthy was to go for it full force and to not hold back.

Don’t Hold Back

So true!  What am I, what are you, what are WE holding back for?!  Why am I only punching the bag lightly?  I’m not going to hurt it.  Why am I only completing 10 reps in 30 seconds when I know that I can complete 15 or 20?  You and I have no reason to hold back when working out.  Give it all you’ve got!


Give It All You’ve Got

Speaking of the devil!  This plays into what I just said.  If you give every workout everything that you have to give, you will only see results!  What motivates you more than that?!

Leave It All On The Floor, Right Here, Right Now!

Powerful.  Leave it all-right here, right now.  Leave your strength, will-power, passion, fight, drive, frustrations, anger, hurt, etc. whatever it is you are feeling or that is motivating you.  Leave it all out there on that gym floor.

Don’t Give Up Now/Don’t Stop Now

I think trainers know exactly when to say this one.  For me, it helps.  They always say it right when I want to take a quick break, but I know that I’m almost there and if I push just a little more I will have completed the exercise fully and never took a break.  That’s a good feeling!
don't give up1

This Is It

So simple, yet so impactful for me.  If I don’t do what I came here to do right now, at this moment, the workout will be over and I will not have had an accomplishing workout.  In the last final minutes or seconds of a workout, this really motivates me to go that much harder.

Sore Today, Stronger Tomorrow

Obviously, I know that being sore all of the time is not a good thing.  I don’t workout to get sore.  However, I remind myself that when I’m in a little extra pain than usual (unless it’s because I hurt myself and pushed a little too hard) it’s worth it and I prefer it over feeling regret/guilt for not working out.

GAHH! Must have this shirt! <3
GAHH! Must have this shirt! ❤

I Can Do Now What I Couldn’t Two Weeks Ago

There might be a better mantra out there, but I can’t find it.  But for me this works.  It might not be two weeks for me, it might be a month ago, or 5 weeks ago, or whatever.  The point is realizing that you are getting stronger and growing in your workouts when you take a minute to focus and remember that you couldn’t do a pull up 2 months ago and now you can complete 10 reps.  Whatever your accomplishment, recognizing your growth is incredible!

I CAN Do This!

This is one I just started telling myself recently during a plank.  I wanted to give in and take a break really quick, but I knew that I could finish the circuit and so I said it to myself out loud and I was able to complete it.  And remember…

can do!

Isn’t it funny how different mantras and quotes motivate people?  Have a MARVELOUS Monday and I hope you are INSPIRED!!! ❤ ❤ ❤

Question of the Day:

What are your go-to motivational mantras that really inspire and push you to do your best?


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