What I Ate Wednesday’s Goes Green

While it’s not my favorite color, as a Michigan fan the colors green and red are not in my wardrobe, this month’s WIAW theme is going green!  Since it is all about health and well being with the greens, I think I can let it slide. 😉

This one is going to be a good one! I don’t eat too many greens, so this will help give me that extra push that I probably need.  What I am hoping to do is try another smoothie with spinach leaves in it.  I tried it a while back and it was AWFUL!!  I’m not sure what I did wrong, but I was not a fan.  But, this WIAW goes green has inspired and encouraged me to try it again! <—Excited!

Speaking of green, I can not remember the last time I ate peas.  Like I said I don’t eat green veggies all that often, so I was excited to incorporate some yummy peas in my dinner tonight along with some parsley!


I found the recipe for this pasta dish on myrecipes.com and I followed it almost exactly, except I substituted the ham with shrimp and the tarragon with parsley.  It turned out to be deeeelicious and I hope the leftovers are just as tasty! 🙂

I’m feeling a bit sluggish these past two days and I’m wondering if I might be coming down with something.  Let the extra vitamins and Citrus Emergen-C Immune + commence! If you remember, I LOVE me some Emergen-C and always have some on hand. At any rate, I worked out yesterday and today, even though I don’t think I was able to push myself as hard as I normally do. My workout tonight looked something like this:

  • Station 1: Exercise 1-Chest press with 25lb weight plate Exercise 2-Linear step up with 25lb overhead press
  • Station 2: Exercise 1-TRX squat hold with a high row Exercise 2-Speed squats
  • Station 3: Exercise 1-Low hurdle lateral jumps Exercise 2-Squat with front kick
  • Station 4: Exercise 1-Fast punch left right Exercise 2-Wall sit
  • Station 5: Exercise 1-Modified push up with rotation Exercise 2-High knees
  • Abs: Exercise 1-Left side plank with a dip Exercise 2-Full body crunch  Exercise 3-Right side plank with a dip (Repeat 3x through)

Here’s to hoping that I feel better soon! 🙂


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