An April Fools’ Day #MIMM

Happy #MIMM!! And, it’s another lovely and bearable Monday because of it. 🙂  A big thanks goes out to Katie at Healthy Diva Eats for hosting!!

And, I suppose to keep up with society, I should also bid everyone a Happy April Fools’ Day, too?? I’ve never been a good prankster.  I’ve always tried, especially on my parents when I was younger.  I don’t know if I’m a terrible liar or if my ‘jokes’ were that lame, but at any rate, I have always failed miserably at April Fools and have never really liked today.

It’s time for a weekend recap! Woop woop!!


Since Tim had the day off, he had a marinated tilapia dinner waiting for me when I got home from work along with some vegetables and mashed cauliflower.  He also had a surprise Easter present waiting for me, which were some awesome multi-colored golf balls, a golf glove, and a card.  We then spent the rest of the night watching Michigan play in the Sweet Sixteen along with the other games, and Michigan beat Kansas with three-pointer at the buzzer! Ahhh, it was so intense!!


An early Easter dinner brought Tim and I to my parent’s house for the day.  We enjoyed the typical Easter feast of ham, macaroni salad, baked beans, veggies, deviled eggs, and rolls.  And for dessert? Strawberry shortcake! Nothing says welcome, Spring, more than that! 😉 I really enjoyed spending time with my parents and Tim all day.  I also received my first of three Birchbox’s from my mom’s Easter present to me! Check it out!


In the box, I received a new Juicy Couture fragrance, Couture La La, Make’s Dual-Phase Eye Makeup Remover, Make’s red lipstick, a twistband headband, Whish’s shave crave shaving cream, and the beauty extra was a Madewell for Birchbox Emery Board. Pretty excited! 🙂


RED WINGS game!  It has been a looooong while since attending my last Wings game, and with the NHL lockout, my interest in hockey has diminished-which pains me to say. 😦  You may remember, that I gave Tim Red Wings tickets for Valentine’s Day this year, and this was the game that we decided on.  We arrived at Nemo’s to each have a beer before catching the shuttle over to Joe Louis Arena, for the game.  I mentioned that they weren’t playing well this year, and well, they DEFINITELY stuck with that M.O. yesterday losing 7-1.  Tim and I left after the second period because it was so awful and so that we could at least watch more of the Michigan game that was about to start.  We hopped on the shuttle back to Nemo’s to catch the last part of the first half and all of the second half of the Michigan game.  And at least THEY won! We are Final Four bound, next weekend!!! AHHH, I am so happy and proud of that team, they deserve it!  We then headed back to Ann Arbor to attend the evening Easter Mass before relaxing for the rest of the night.




Another fabulous weekend in the books!!



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