Spontaneous Atlanta/Final Four Road Trip!

It has been a crazy week and a half!!

Last Thursday, Tim and I decided to take a spontaneous road trip to Atlanta for the Final Four beginning early Friday morning!  And so, there is my excuse on why I’ve neglected my blog-yet again.  Ugh…gotta learn to write when I’m gone!

Ok, let’s step back in the time machine to Thursday morning…

While I was on my way into work, I texted Tim and told him that I really wanted to go to Atlanta!  He replied and said he did, too…duh!!  So, fast forward about 5 or 6 hours later into the work day and we were able to find some tickets and a hotel at the cheapest prices we could find.  We made the decision to forgo our not-so-planned out vacation at the end of May to the Carolinas so that we could go to Atlanta-great decision, if I do say so, myself!  I try to be spontaneous, but that’s really not my personality, so I was really nervous to do this, but was so proud of myself when I did!!  The Carolinas will always be there for another time.

Commence last minute scrambling and packing!!

Friday morning, we awoke bright and early to hit the road by 8am.  It is about an 11 hour trip from Ann Arbor to Atlanta, so we had a long day ahead of us!  I really enjoyed the trip down, looking at all of the pretty scenery and actually seeing signs of spring and warmth down south of Michigan, where our trees aren’t even budding and is expected to flurry this weekend along with all of our rain and cold weather.  😦

IMG_2714 IMG_2716  IMG_2720  IMG_2713[1]

Once we arrived to the hotel Thursday evening, Tim and I were pretty exhausted, the last three hours of the trip were so long!!  We quickly found a place to eat a late meal and passed out.

Friday morning, I was up and ready to enjoy Atlanta!  I’ve never been and was excited to check it out, along with all of the Final Four festivities.  Tim and I made the quick drive to the Atlanta Public Transportations System called the MARTA and we arrived downtown in just under an hour.  We first picked up our tickets for both Saturday’s and Monday’s games and then we were off to explore.  Of course, the weather was absolutely perfect and beautiful!  Mid to high 70s, sunny, and breezy.  Our first stop was ‘Bracket Town‘ a fun, 300,000 square foot space full of basketball tournaments, games, obstacle courses, and even some autograph signings.  It was fun to check all of the fun activities in such a huge space!  Afterwards, we headed to check out the rest of downtown Atlanta and to get something to eat.  There were actually two designated bars/restaurants for Michigan fans to gather and hang out at, so we made sure to stop at one of those locations.  Tim and I got some food and enjoyed the Michigan crowd and atmosphere for a couple of hours before going to the park.  This is where there were three days of free concerts to the public.  They had a lot of big names including: Ludacris, Flo Rida, Zac Brown Band, Dave Matthews Band, etc.  Way cool!  We stuck around to listen to Ludacris, but it was so packed in the park, that it reached capacity and law enforcement would not allow anyone else into the area.   I got a little overwhelmed, so Tim and I headed back to Bracket Town for a break and to regroup for a bit.  We met up with one of Tim’s friends that was down for the game, as well, and talked with him until it was game time.

finalfourtickets IMG_2723

IMG_2730 IMG_2724    IMG_4755 IMG_4757

If you aren’t aware, Michigan played Syracuse in their Final Four game, and it came down to a nail biter.  I’m pretty sure my blood pressure is through the roof, due to these games over the long weekend!  However, Michigan played so well and won it!  They were then headed to the National Championship, on Monday, against Louisville, and Tim and I were staying longer!  We both asked for vacation days through Tuesday, so we were prepared.  I’m glad Michigan won, one for the obvious, and two because I did not want to cut our spontaneous vacation short!  Tim and I had discussed that if Michigan had lost on Saturday if we would sell the tickets for Monday’s game and head back home, or not.  I wanted to sell them to get some money back and Tim wanted to stay and watch the National Championship game, anyway.  Thank goodness that wasn’t a conversation we had to have! 🙂





Sunday, Tim and I slept in and then headed to our only workout of the week.  The hotel we stayed at had a gym, so we did our best with the facilities available.  It wasn’t my best workout, however I was proud that I got my butt to workout at least one of the days!  After we got cleaned up, we went to explore, since we had an extended vacation.  We had heard that Buckhead was a nice place for shopping and eating, but it turns out we were given wrong info. Womp womp!  We made the best of it, found something to eat, looked around, and then went back to our hotel to relax for the rest of the evening.  There were still concerts going on downtown, however after Ludacris, we knew it would be even crazier with artists like Sting and Dave Matthews Band performing for free.  Sure enough, we were right.  The park had to shut down again, people were jumping/climbing the fences, and it sounded like it got pretty chaotic down there.

On Monday, Tim and I headed downtown for the National Championship!  Since we got down there fairly early enough, we found a restaurant/bar and set up shop for the next six hours or so, enjoying the Louisville and Michigan fans, the cheering, the food, and the drinks.  It started to get really crazy and busy as game time drew near, so we left and enjoyed the atmosphere outside for an hour or two before tip off.  Before the game started, my friend from Michigan was in Atlanta, for work.  So we met up and enjoyed the game together!

IMG_2732 IMG_4793IMG_2741IMG_4784


The first half was one of the most amazing games I’ve ever watched!  It was so exciting and nerve-racking all at once!  The second half was a little slower and we unfortunately lost. 😦  There is nothing to be sad about, though, our young team took us to the National Championship and gave it everything they had.

Tuesday morning came way too soon and we were on our way back to Michigan, before I was ready to leave the warmth of Georgia.  It was really depressing driving back and watching the temperature drop as we kept creeping closer to home.  What was the craziest thing was it was still aroun 80 degrees when we were in Findlay, Ohio which is only two hours south of Ann Arbor.  Not twenty minutes later the temperature read 59 degrees and it spiraled downward rapidly from there. INSANE!  The only exciting thing about our trip home, was that we stopped at a Friendly’s!  I haven’t been here since I was a kid, and I used to love this place!  The food was okay, but what I was really excited for was the ice cream!  They have the best ice cream and desserts EVER!  See photo below.

I rest my case
I rest my case

Overall, I was so happy that I decided to take this spontaneous trip, with Tim.  We had an awesome time, it was completely worth it, and so memorable!


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