#WIAW Recipe Box and Dine-In Theater

Happy, Happy Wednesday to all!

It has been a while since I linked up to #WIAW, but happy to back!!  Thank you to Jenn from Peas & Crayons for hosting this link-up party! 

I’m especially excited for this edition of What I Ate Wednesday, because I’m not just talking about my Wednesday eats, but everything I’ve eaten and posted about since I started this blog back in January!  I am introducing my new page, Recipe Box, located at the top of the page, where you can access all of my recipes I’ve blogged about!  I decided that I finally blogged about enough recipes to start a recipe page and I am so excited that it is launched and to add to it with more scrumptious recipes to share with all of you, whoop whoop!!

Today, I attended an all day conference about an hour away, for work, so I was able to meet up with Tim afterwards to go on a week night date!  We went to the newer to the area dine-in movie theater, Studio C! and let me tell you, I was lovin’ every minute of it!

Ignore the ominous looking sky


 IMG_2799 IMG_2800


You can’t deny some of these amazing titles! Some of my favorites: ‘Wizard of Moz,’ ‘Fantastic Four Cheese,’ ‘Buffalo Chicken Little,’ I Yam Legend,’ and ‘Tequila Mockingbird.’ Come on! I seriously want to have to meet the people who thought of these! I didn’t get too crazy, though, and ordered a ‘V is for Vegetarian’ pizza with a Summer Shandy.  By the time we ordered our food and it was delivered, the movie had started and the theater was dark, sorry for the lack of photo!

Even the Summer Shandy was looking a little classier than usual 😉

But the complimentary popcorn with my feet up hit the spot!



By the way, we went to see the movie, 42, the story based on Jackie Robinson.  The movie was only okay for me, which is odd, because as I always mention, I am pretty easy to impress when it comes to movies.  I felt the acting was very, very good, however the plot/storyline really only touched on the surface of what I thought the movie would be. Overall, the movie seemed a bit flowery for what segregation was and what Jackie Robinson actually went through in breaking the color barrier in baseball. There were a few points during the movie that you really feel your blood boiling watching what used to be considered “normal” behavior, however I think those couple of times only skimmed the surface of the struggles he truly endured.  I would recommend seeing the movie, but maybe wait until it comes out on DVD.

Hope all of you had a wonderful Wednesday!


4 thoughts on “#WIAW Recipe Box and Dine-In Theater

  1. Kelly, I LOVE StudioC! so much! I am glad you liked it and had a chance to see Tim on a Wednesday. I have had the pizza there and I think it is delicious… did you like it?

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