#MIMM Week Replay

I’m slacking, and there is just no excuse! Except that work has been way busy and I’m just plain exhausted from it…anyway let’s MIMM our socks off, shall we???


We had a brand new hire that started at our office… 😉

IMG_2807 IMG_2808

Kirsten dropped by with Madi and I had to take pictures, obviously, cutest new hire EVER! Clearly, I am not as exciting as the guy she was looking at in the first picture…


I had dinner with my mom at newly found authentic Mexican restaurant-I was dying of starvation and no photo…no bueno. 😦


I had a fun-filled day with my friend Kari walking in downtown Ann Arbor and enjoying Zingermans! Seriously, it’s stinking delicious!!

Such a cute pregger with Princess Carson! 🙂



Tim made chicken broccoli alfredo…let’s take a moment to appreciate it…yummmm!



Had an insane day…a doctor’s appointment at 7:30am and worked until 8:30pm hence my absence from #MIMM yesterday and hence my catch up for it, today! 🙂


This is currently happening…

IMG_2821 IMG_2820

My Detroit Tigers are playing as I type and kicking some Twin hiney and the Red Wings play in the first playoff game later tonight! Whoop whoop! Detroit lovin’! ❤

A BIG thanks goes out to Katie for hosting MIMM at Healthy Diva Eats!  I look forward to it every week!!

Have a great evening, all!  Xoxo

I leave you with this laugh…


You can’t tell me you didn’t sing this when you read it… 😀


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