WIAW Grill Out

I feel so ashamed for this WIAW celebration, since my eats have been pretty pathetic and not note-worthy by any stretch!  Needing motivation in the cooking department!  Thanks to Jenn at Peas and Crayons for hosting this every week, hoping I can do the linkup party justice next week… 🙂

Peas and Crayons

So, for this edition of What I Ate Wednesday, I will share another boyfriend dinner, since Tim is the only one who has been cooking around here.  He and I actually texted each other at the same time tonight saying how badly we wanted to grill out.  I told him that if he grilled, I would head his way.  He recently moved about 40 minutes closer, so it was awesome to zip over and see him and enjoy dinner together!  BBQ chicken and grilled veggies…can’t go wrong!


Thanks to Tim’s mom, I was introduced to this super awesome spinach dip tonight!  She said she bought it from Costco…I am not a member, so I’ve never been in there, but it’s made with Greek yogurt and is a better option than normal spinach dip.  Beyond excited about this discovery!  I asked her to pick me up a tub next time she goes! May or may not start living off of this stuff… 🙂


I have a fairly fun-packed weekend, but the plan is to get back to cooking next week, hold me to it, guys!! 😉

Hope your Wednesday was fabulous, let’s kick the rest of this week’s butt!! ❤


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