Fast Fitness Friday

Today, I have a super quick and super sweaty workout routine, for you, when you are in a hurry and want to burn a speedy 400 cals or so, in about 30 minutes!

Super Speedy and Sweaty Workout

Warm-up x 10 minutes

Circuit: Complete 4 rounds as fast as possible (Challenge: Time yourself and try and beat your previous time on your next workout!)

  • 20lb. Medicine Ball Squat to Overhead Press x 10
  • 10lb. Plate circles x 10 (both ways)
  • Rope Slams x 15 (you may replace these with kettlebell swings if you do not have access to ropes)
  • 12lb. Medicine ball twist and slam x 10 (total)
  • Hanging knee raises x 10

Abs: Complete 3 rounds

  • Side plank on an angle x 10 (each side)
  • Suitcase sit-ups x 10
  • 1 leg v-up x 10


Done and done chicas!!  Hop on to it, and have a fabulous weekend! ❤



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