Memorial Day Weekend MIMM

I’ve been on a slight hiatus, and I’ve missed all of you terribly!

First of all, Happy Memorial Day!! I am so thankful to all of the men and women out there who have served our country and/or who are currently serving. Unfortunately, freedom does not come free, and it is because of your bravery that we get the chance to live the lives that we do. God bless all of you, from the bottom of my heart! ❤ ❤ ❤

Second, Happy MIMM!! I didn’t get a chance to participate in it last week, since I have been so busy! As I mentioned, I have been MIA, but it is because I have been busy studying away for my accounting competency exam. I mentioned a few posts back, that I will be going back to school in the fall, and need to take two competency exams in accounting and statistics.  I didn’t pass the first attempt at the exam, but only missed it by five points.  I kept on studying for a few more days, and (thankfully) passed the alternative exam!  Starting tomorrow, I will be studying for the statistics competency exam, and then hopefully can join you lovely folks more often, again, until the fall! I am thinking/hoping since I am only taking one class a semester, I really shouldn’t be too busy or overwhelmed to keep up with my blog and things, but I probably will need to work on some time management scheduling.  More to come on that at the end of summer. 😉

Now, for the start of summer celebrations!

This past long weekend, I went up north with Tim, his family, and my friend Jessica and her husband, Cameron.  Tim and I took this past Friday off for a four day weekend, instead of just the three (We’re so greedy!) 🙂 The weather in northern Michigan wasn’t perfect, however, it was nice to just hang out, get some fresh air and get out on the lake for at least one day.  It was also great to spend time with Jessica and Cameron since we haven’t seen them since New Years Eve!  As always, we had a blast catching up, playing Catch Phrase and Euchre, and golfing! I was a slacker on photos, shame on me.


Photos courtesy of Tim!


Funny boat name we saw driving home from up north...We love Pure Michigan!
Funny boat name we saw driving home from up north…We love Pure Michigan, even in this crummy rain!

In other MARVELOUS news…

Tim and I celebrated our three year anniversary since we met! So we’ve known each other for three years and been together a little over one year.  He was so cute and went to grab breakfast the other morning and when he came back and told me it was ready, he had roses on the table and a really sweet card. He’s the best! ❤

I did find time, last week, to put to use my birthday present to Kristen.  Two seats at the local ‘Paint & Pour.’  If you have never been to something like this, I would HIGHLY recommend it.  We had an absolute blast! The instructor was hilarious, we get to bring our own booze and snacks and they take you step by step through the painting!  Neither of us have ever done anything like this or painted anything really, and we were both super impressed by ourselves and each other! Soooo much fun! 🙂

Kirsten’s is on the left, mine is on the right
Note: Neither of us are artists
Close up of my creation

The Michigan Softball Team is World Series bound this week after facing Louisiana this past weekend, so, so proud and excited for those girls! Can’t wait to watch how they do later this week.

The Red Wings are playing the Blackhawks, as I type, and are currently tied 1-1. If they don’t win this one tonight, they HAVE to win the next game or they are out of the playoffs! Hoping they can pull off the W! (Sorry, Katie, can’t be friends until this series is over 😉 By the way, thank you for hosting MIMM! It makes my Mondays that much better, especially heading back to work after a long weekend, like this!)

I am super pumped and ready for this week, I have slacked in working out and eating healthy these past two weeks, since I have been focusing on studying and work has been so crazy, I’ve been working long hours.  I am forcing myself into the gym at 6am tomorrow morning to get my day started off right so that whatever comes up during the day work related, or otherwise, I have already worked out.  Plus, that really helps me eat healthy and stay focused the rest of the day.  I have GOT to stick with the early morning work out routine for more than a couple of days at a time, then start all over.  That’s my mini-goal for the next few weeks, I got this!!

Xoxo ❤


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