MIMM, Gatsby, & What Crêpe?

What a busy weekend! I can’t believe Monday is already here, but that means it’s MIMM!! I hope all of you had a Marvelous weekend, can’t wait to share my weekend with you, so let’s get started, shall we?

I actually had no intention of a busy weekend, since I was  staying around Ann Arbor, and I figured it would be fairly boring.  However, it turned into a fun-packed weekend, and I loved it!  My weekend was just Marvelous!!

Marvelous Friday

A while back, I bought a Groupon for a crêpe restaurant in Ann Arbor, called What Crêpe?, and was able to get Tim to go with me for dinner on Friday night.   It caught my eye, because it is something different, in the area,  and I love finding the unique things Ann Arbor has to offer! I checked out the menu online before-hand, since I’ve really only ever heard of and tried crêpes for breakfast that had fruit and whipped cream in them, so I wasn’t sure what to expect.  The first thing I noticed was that they had a gluten free option for an additional $1, so I was all about that, and even more excited about going!  (Lately, I’ve been trying a lot harder to avoid gluten because it has been hurting my stomach more than usual).  When we arrived, I couldn’t get over how adorable the restaurant was.  The set up and decor, was just my style, and I could have sat there all day!


There were beautiful sconces hanging up, which were somewhat filled with wine corks, vintage cages, chandeliers, and even a vintage door and windows suspended from the ceiling. Truly beautiful, elegant, and perfect!

They even play old movies on the tv behind the bar! More on that below… 🙂
And, you get to watch them make the crêpes!

Tim and I first ordered the Chèvre and Apple Salad to share. The salad had house marinated chicken, apples, baby greens, cherries, red onions, raw pecans, warm goat cheese, raspberry vinaigrette.  Everything about this salad was perfection, or as our waiter put it, heavenly. o:)


Next were the entrées.  Tim ordered the Signature Ribeye Truffle which had pan-seared rib eye steak, spinach, wild mushrooms, swiss, and a signature truffle zip.  Tim loved it, and of course, I had a bite.  I agreed that it was awesome!  I had a really hard time deciding, since everything sounded so good, on the menu.  After looking around at what EVERYONE ordered in the restaurant, I was seriously looking over everyone’s shoulder, at each table to check out their plates (Tim called me a crêpe creep…haha!) I eventually decided on The Mexican.  It was filled with chorizo sausage, eggs, and cheddar, and came with orange jalapeno sauce for dipping.  It was seriously amazing!! 😀

Rib eye
The Mexican

I ended up only eating half of my crêpe, for dinner, because I knew I wanted to try a dessert crêpe, too!  I convinced Tim to do the same so that he wasn’t overly full and could help out on the dessert. There were so many delicious sounding desserts that we had a hard time deciding, again, but went with the St. Germaine which peanut butter, bananas, chocolate ice cream, powdered sugar, and whipped cream.


Tim liked it, but I wasn’t a fan.  I’m not sure why, I mean how do you go wrong with a combination like that??  I think my taste buds just weren’t in the mood.  Oh well!  I accidentally bought two groupons when I purchased the first, so we will definitely be back again soon to try more of their menu. Can’t wait! I am already thinking about when we should go back!

After dinner, we walked around downtown Ann Arbor for a bit, before heading home for the evening.

Marvelous Saturday

Tim and I woke up fairly early and enjoyed our leftover crepes for breakfast, mine had eggs in it, so it worked.  I don’t know how Tim managed to eat his leftover rib eye steak for breakfast, but he did…weird. 😉 Once we got up and around, Tim had to take a trip to Ikea to pick up some office furniture for his work, so I tagged along.  Once we arrived back home, we had some lunch, watched the Tigers game, studied, and got some work done.  We met up with our friends Kirsten and Joey and two of their friends for drinks later that night and to watch the Michigan Softball game, since they were in the World Series.  Well, if you aren’t aware, the game before Michigan’s went 9 extra innings and ended just before midnight. Michigan then played until about 2:30am!!  We left the restaurant way before Michigan even started, and couldn’t stay awake to watch them play. They won that night morning to advance to the next round, but lost the next game, on Sunday.  It was a tough loss, but such a great accomplishment to make it that far!

Marvelous Sunday

On Sunday, I got a boxing workout class in, in the morning, and then Tim and I visited my parents for lunch.  It was fun to see them and catch up for a bit, before heading back to Ann Arbor, for a movie.  I randomly noticed, the other day, that The Great Gatsby was playing at the Michigan Theater in downtown Ann Arbor.  I’ve been pretty excited to see the movie, since I loved the book when I read it back in high school!  Also, this is my favorite theater because right when you enter the theater, you step back in time. It was built-in 1928!  I love everything about the 1900s-1950s, buildings, music, movies, musicals, etc. Give me some Judy Garland and Frank Sinatra and I am one happy girl! I think I was born in the wrong era. 🙂




They even had an organist playing while we waited for the movie to begin!


Oh ya the movie was in 3D, too!

I hope your weekends were just as Marvelous!!  As always, thank you to Katie, from Healthy Diva Eats, for hosting MIMM! Make sure to pay her a visit, she is about to have her second child, and is an inspiration to continue the healthy living, even when you are pregnant!

❤ ❤ ❤


2 thoughts on “MIMM, Gatsby, & What Crêpe?

  1. What a fun weekend! Those crepes look incredible. Surprisingly, there are a lot of restaurants here in Kuwait that specializes in Crepes… and for some reason I have yet to try one, Ha Ha !

    Have a great week girl!

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