Pin It Party

It’s a Pin It Party!

Lindsay from The Lean Green Bean is hosting her second Pin It Party, and I just had to join in! Make sure and follow her on Pinterest , she has loads of boards and ideas for just about everything. 🙂

pin it party Pin It Party 2

Also, you can view my Pinterest boards here, feel free to follow, would love to have you! 🙂

How it works: All those participating pick their current top-5 favorite posts in one post for easy pinning!  Then, be sure to go and visit other posts and pin some of their images from the link up…easy peasy!

Let me just say as the most indecsive person EVER, this was really hard for me, but nevertheless my selections have been made-Here we go!

Mix-n-Match Smoothie Chart

When I first got started on this healthy living journey, I didn’t understand what a healthy smoothie even was, how to make it, or what half of the ingredients to include were.  It took me a while to step out of my comfort zone and just TRY it out.  I think this chart can be helpful to just about anyone in giving new ideas for additions to your smoothies for additional nutrition or for anyone just starting out!

chart2Grilled Chicken & Fruit Salad

Again, I think when I just started out, I never thought outside my comfort zone when it came to meals. Fruit with chicken all in a salad?!  Unheard of! But, alas I have come to love all of these new combanations and so have my taste buds!



Granola Lovin’

Nothing says nutrition like granola, you hear it and think about the outdoors, nature trails, etc.  Sure you can buy some pretty wholesome kidns at your health stores, OR you can make homemade granola and take your healthy living to a whole other level, with this awesomely delicious recipe! 😉


Spring Fitness Routine

Well, we are basically into summer, but that doesn’t mean that you still can’t try some new exercise routines!  This one is a great one to get you nice and sweaty, and if you are really looking to challenge yourself, time it and try to beat it the next time you complete it!

Spring fitness

Spring/Summer Spritzer

Alright, so again, it’s called a Spring Spritzer, now I don’t know about you, buuuuuut anytime we have a light alcoholic beverage recipe, I’m up for drinking it all year round!  This is a refreshing drink that would be awesome to bring to your summer BBQs and picnics!


Happy Pinning! ❤



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