Surprise Party MIMM

This weekend was so busy, that I never was able to join the MIMM party on Monday, since I was still getting my life back in order, the past two days. Better late than never, though!

Thanks to Katie from Healthy Diva Eats for hosting the fun link-up each week.  Make sure to check out Katie’s blog for great tips and her pregnancy progress. Little Baby G will be arriving any day now, so excited for her and her family!

Marvelous is family, friends, and surprises! For the past few months, my mom has been planning an awesome Surprise 50th Birthday Party for my dad.  His birthday is technically one month away, today!  However, this was the best date that worked for a lot of people and one that wouldn’t tip him off on anything.

surprise50cake surprise50food

Watching my dad’s reaction when he walked in and everyone yelled happy birthday, was absolutely priceless!  He actually took a couple of steps back and out of the room, almost falling over. We had awesome food and cake, and so many people brought him funny cards and presents, it was such a wonderful night!

What the heck?!
Happy Birthday!!

The surprises kept coming, since my mom planned for one of my dad’s long-time friends to attend the party. They haven’t seen each other in about 10 years, because Carlos lives and works overseas, and it was an awesome moment when he walked up behind my dad.


A little later another one of my dad’s friends was able to make it from Florida, and when he arrived it was another great surprise.


I’m so happy that we were able to do this for my dad.  He deserves it so much, and it was fun to see how surprised he was and watching him catch up with all of our family and friends. I can’t believe we were able to pull it off! I thought for sure someone from the family, or my mom would blow the cover. My mom had been calling and texting me the last few days before the party saying how she kept almost spilling the beans on everything, I think she was ready to bust! 🙂

On top of all of this, it is my parents’ 30th Wedding Anniversary this upcoming weekend.  I was hoping to throw them a surprise party, but then my mom started the 50th Birthday Party idea.  I wanted to make sure that their 30 years were recognized somehow, but didn’t overshadow the birthday fun! So, I figured some nice subtle centerpieces for the tables would work.




With a lot of Tim’s help, we created a band that would have a picture from my parents’ wedding day and a current picture with Happy 30th Wedding Anniversary in between.  I purchased some mason jars and battery operated candles, wrapped some bows around the top, and we were good to go! My mom and dad seemed to really appreciate it, minus the old wedding photo that I stole from them. 😉  Happy 30 years, mom and dad! You two have shown me what true love and happiness is, here’s to 30 more!!

Happy 50th Birthday, Dad! I love you!!

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