WIAW and MORE Sensible Snacking

I am beyond happy for this WIAW! I was so disappointed when I couldn’t join last week since my conference in Chicago had me all tied up, but now I am back and ready for more sensible snacking. 😉  A big thanks goes to Jenn from Peas & Crayons for hosting the link-up party fun!!

My What I Ate Wednesday began with…
Dannon Light & Fit Pineapple coconut yogurt parfait with pineapple chunks, sliced strawberries, frozen blueberries, and Bear Naked banana nut granola.
Holy whoa!! You all need to get on this because it’s a whole other level of awesome!
Snack #1-11am
A little more granola, because who doesn’t love it?! Plus this new-to-me banana nut is the bomb diggity!
My new favorite go-to for a light summer salad when it’s hot.  Spring mix with candied walnuts, feta and blue cheese crumbles, and a light balsamic vinegarette dressing. I am misisng the grape tomatoes here, but I finally bought some and those will taste great in this salad!
Snack #2-3pm
I kept it simple with a banana to keep me going until dinner time!
A very filling and satisfyingly sweet meal of a sweet potato topped with sautéed sweet chicken apple sausage and red, green, and yellow peppers! Another great meal idea of I do say so myself! 🙂
Snack #3-8pm
A quick few bites of some Michigan made cottage cheese.
I hope you had an awesome sensible snacking WIAW and I can’t wait to read about your sensible snack ideas.

4 thoughts on “WIAW and MORE Sensible Snacking

  1. I eat that very same combo of peppers, sausage, and sweet tater like at least once a week! so easy to whip up quickly and an easy meal to make for one!! love it!

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