Hiking Adventure

I feel like I have been behind, ever since my trip to Chicago for a conference!

Before my trip to Chicago, it was a gorgeous weekend! After having some breakfast one morning, Tim and I decided to walk around ‘The Arb,’ here in Ann Arbor. It is a massive park/hiking trail in the middle of the city that I’ve been wanting to go to for over a year! Welp, this past weekend was the day I had been waiting for!



After walking through some trails, and even along the bank of the river, you end up in the middle of this field of all sorts of plants and flowers.

IMG_5132 IMG_5131

We decided to take a break and enjoy our surroundings and saw a bench-ish thing in the corner.  When Tim and I went to sit down, Tim spotted something in one of the openings at the end of the bench.  He reached in and pulled out what I thought was going to be an animal(???) and out comes this little plastic box.

Apparently it is a part of Geocaching, have any of you heard of this before?! I never had, but Tim explained that you use a GPS or an app on your phone ‘nowadays’ to find hidden objects, like this. You then normally leave something behind in it and sign a book. It was the craziest thing, to me, and even though it’s a little odd looking, I loved it! Tim and I even wrote in the book. After thumbing through it, a lot of people stumbled upon it like we had.  I couldn’t get over how neat this was and might have to look more into what this is all about and see if we can’t find one on purpose, next time.


If you walk a bit further, you run into another large area, more grassy this time.


It was such a beautiful adventure and not a bad workout either!!


Have a great Friday and weekend, loves!


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