So many Marvelous things happening!!

Marvelous is…

It’s July!! Woop woop, we’re getting into the heart of summer and I’m dying for more sunshine!

Marvelous is…

Since today is the first date of July, that means that today is Tim’s birthday! Happy birthday, babe! I am so happy and blessed to have you in my life and to celebrate this special 28th birthday with you!!


My attempt at a golf ball birthday cake for the golf themed gifts I gave him.


His gifts included one round of golf at a local golf course, an authentic Michigan golf course flag, and a Michigan golf bag. Fore!!!

Marvelous is…

Family time at a local hot air balloon fest! I’ve never been in a hot air balloon, but it will be happening soon after seeing these bad boys up close! They’re so beautiful and impressive, LOVED it!


Way cool!



A little lonely in my photos…Tim was out of town for his friend’s bachelor party.

Marvelous is…

Beautiful little miracles like Katie’s newest addition, here. Congrats to Katie and her family, little Rocco is adorable!! Also, thank you to Katie for the link-up to MIMM!

Marvelous is…

Tomorrow is my Friday! Holla for two day work weeks…can’t complain about that.

I will be heading out on a nice long weekend tomorrow night, and will do my best to pop back on here to update you on my nice long holiday weekend up north!

Stay tuned… ❤ ❤



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