A 4th of July Vacation WIAW

I know that June is over and so is the Sensible Snacking theme, however when you’re on vacation up north is pretty much just grazing alllll day long! I thought one more day of it wouldn’t hurt.

With that, let’s get started with What I Ate Wednesday Tuesday…



Yogurt…yes I am sure this picture is getting old, but let’s face it-it’s simple and delicious! What else can a hungry girl ask for on the go?? (I know, I know…I am on vacation, but when one goes on vacation, one must eat ALL food in one’s fridge so that it will not rot and grow three heads-hence continuing to eat the easy stuff. 😉 )

Snack #1

Coffee counts, right?? Mid morning, I tried out this new guy I found buried in the depths of my snack drawer at work while cleaning last week and have been dying to try it…and here we are!


Smelled incredible, tasted okay…but for real, I would buy a big box of this stuff and continuously make it every few hours so that my house or my office smelled just like the beach…tropical scents of chocolate and coconut linger, and it’s darn right magical.



I’ve been on a Caprese salad kick lately…just loving the mozzarella, tomato, and balsamic combination! Can’t get enough of it.

Snack #2


Stop light snacks and gettin’ my veggie on!



I put Tim on grill duty and he made an amazing spread of BBQ chicken, corn on the cob, and grilled veggies! No grill out is complete without a nice adult beverage to enjoy with it.


Oh summer…how I love you!

Snack #3

My not so sensible third snack of the day…leftover cake from Tim’s birthday!


Thanks to Jenn from Peas & Crayons for hosting! Check out her blog and all of the other yummy WIAW link-ups!

Have an awesome and safe Fourth of July Holiday!


5 thoughts on “A 4th of July Vacation WIAW

    1. Happy WIAW to you!! I have had quite a few kinds-Red Bridge I really didn’t like that one. I also enjoy New Grist which is good, it’s super crisp and has an apple taste to it, but is definitely more beer-like than Strongbow or any of the other hard ciders, I find those are too sweet for me, especially when I want beer. I recently found Omission, which has a lager and a pale ale. I haven’t had the pale ale, but the lager is my favorite out of all of the GF beers I’ve tried so far. The one in the photo is a new-to-me beer and is an IPA and is just okay for me. Overall, once you find one that you enjoy, you are good! Just have to budget for it since six packs run from $12 to $16 :(. Hope that helps and makes your summer a little more enjoyable!! 🙂

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