MIMMin’ It Up

Hello, hello!

It seems like we are all back either physically, mentally or both from our 4th of July celebrations, and what better way to get back to the grind than with Marvelous in My Monday?!

Thank you Katie at Healthy Diva Eats for hosting and for still hosting now that she has had her adorable rockstar, Rocco!! Make sure to check out her blog for lots of great finds, tid bits, and to get your baby fix aww-ing over all of the pictures of their handsome addition!

Speaking of Marvelous and photos, below is a recap of my long, marvelous 4th of July weekend in pictures…

More boats!
Party Island
Margarita Man! Makes the BEST margs ever!!
Taste testing in his awesome apron…he means business!
The day after this he wore the apron sans shirt, you’re welcome for me not posting a picture of that for you. 😉
Lake fun

And lastly…a refreshing adult beverage to enjoy on these hot summer days and nights!

Twisted Arnold Palmer


  • 4oz Sweet Tea Vodka
  • 8oz Water
  • 1 Crystal Light On-The-Go Packet
  • 2 Cucumber Slices
  • 2 Strawberries Cut In Half or Quarters
  • 4 Mint Leaves
  • Crushed Ice


  1. Mix water and Crystal Light Packet
  2. Add sweet tea vodka
  3. Add cukes, strawberries, mint leaves, and ice
  4. Stir and mash all ingredients
  5. Pour into desired drinking glass
  6. Garnish
  7. Sip, sip time!!

arnold palmer

Honestly, for someone who does not enjoy sweet tea or Arnold Palmers, this drink is the bomb dot com! Super refreshing and light! My calculations say that this is about 178 cals, can’t go wrong with that!

Have a Marvelous week!!



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