Let’s kick this Wednesday off appropriately….

Hump Day!!

SERIOUSLY died laughing when I first saw this commercial…freakin’ genious! Oh GEICO…WHAT WHAT!!!!

Now to continue on with this day’s celebration with {WHAT WHAT!!} I Ate Wednesday Tuesday!

I started off my day with a nice breakfast of some strawberries and pineapple, along with some orange juice and pineapple juice I mixed together. Simple and perfect!


For lunch, I combined some olive oil and seasoned baked zucchini, red, and yellow peppers onto some spring mix with some baked chicken.  Add a little bit of balsamic vinaigrette, I use Marzetti Light Balsamic Vinaigrette Dressing, and badabing badaboom, a healthful, nutritious, and satisfying lunch!

grilledchickenandveggie salad

Dinner consisted of more chicken, but this time in a homemade Waldorf Salad. Included are some red grapes cut in half, celery, red apple, walnuts, and chicken.  I combined whipped cream cheese and mayo for the dressing, and enjoyed it right out of the bowl.  I hope to also try it as a grilled sandwich too!!


And now, I leave you with this….

I think this is like any gym and not just a university gym, but I laughed at every single part of this…

We’ve all been there, keep pushing yourself! BUT, if you do have one of these days, I’ve had one of those weeks recently, just read this, laugh and shake it off, and get back on that horse machine or group fitness class. 😉


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