First Fan Friday and #backthatazzup Friday Link-ups

It’s my first Fan Friday link-up, and I am so excited that I’ve found this party hosted by Sarah at Venus Trapped in Mars!

Venus Trapped in Mars

I’m a sports nut as you may, or may not have noticed in some of my blog posts, Red Wings, Tigers, University of Michigan sports…I love them all!

Since we are in the heart of the summer, baseball seems to be the appropriate topic, however my beloved Tigers are suckin’ it up righ tnow, losing two of the three games against the White Sox (the last placed team)! Ugh, so ticked…ANYWAY, since that is obviously a little bit of a sore subject, I will move onto something else that think is a sport, or at least fitness related so that works in quite nicely to this blog, if I do say so myself! 😉

I’ve been in a fitness funk, lately, however I am for sure going back to boxing next Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for the 6am classes. I’m excited about that. However, I realized last night while driving 35 minutes alone in my car, in a jam sesh, that I totally miss dancing! I used to dance in high school and in college, dancing competitively on the hip hop teams.

Check out those moves!!!

Talk about blast from the past…so young and so tiny!! Lol…Well, at any rate, I am now on a mission to find a hip hop class that will feed this craving and will help me work up a sweat!

Flowing quite nicely from my first Fan Friday to Hip Hop dancing talk is my other very first link up of #backthatazzup Friday! Again, so happy that I found this link up, too, hosted by Whitney at I Wore Yoga Pants to Work.

A big shout out to Robin Thicke, T.I., and Pharrell for letting me jam with you last night in my car, and for helping me realize I need dance back in my life, ASAP!

Have a great weekend, all, now #backthatazzup and get your jam on!! ❤


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