A Quick WIAW

It has been a crazy week around here, so I will share my WIAW eats with you quickly! So much to do and so little time!!

Thank you to Jenn for hosting this each week, even while having the “plague.” Get well soon!!

I have been feeling pretty snacky in this hot and humid weather, so not many big meals going on…


Half of a Quest Protein Bar…ummmm this flavor is to DIE for…and gluten-free means right up my alley!! I’m in love.



Finished the other half of the Chocolate Brownie Protein Bar. Like I said this heat and humidity has my appetite on low…but these bars are light enough for that, yet filling enough to get me through until it was time to snack!

Mid-Morning Snack

Grapes! I love grapes, but don’t buy them much because I tend to eat the entire bag of them in one sitting, and then that is not condusive to my calorie counting…such a vicious circle. 😉 Anyway, since I bought them last week to make my Chicken Waldorf Salad I had plenty leftover to enjoy.


Thanks to Nature Box this month, I ate a serving of Garden Tomato Almonds. Holy whoa…these things are so great, and I am hoping I can find some in the stores once I gobble up this bag!


Mid-Afternoon Snack

Half of another Quest Bar! Just can’t get enough!



Summer Squash Boats à la Jamie Deen on Food Network. So, so great and highly recommend for a nice summer dinner!


That’s all she wrote folks! Gotta get back to this crazy week, only two days left…we can do it! ❤


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