Outdoorsy Friday



I am always pumped when it’s Friday! But this one is extra exciting because in just a few hours I will be headed ‘Up North,’ as us Michiganders like to call it, for canoeing down the river with lots o’ booze. Canoeing is technically a sport and can be a fitness activity, so I am going with it for this weeks Fan Friday hosted by Sarah from Venus Trapped in Mars!!

Venus Trapped in Mars
I will be sure to bring back photos to share of what is sure to be a hot mess of a day. Unfortunately, we are camping too… 😦 Camping just isn’t for me, but I deal with it for two days out of the year then get the heck out of there! I love the country more than the city, but I am kind of an in the middle girl, so camping is just a despised activity for me altogether.


camping3And lastly…

I could go on and on with those e-cards, but you get the idea 😉

But really, I’ve gone the past two years with my friends Kirsten and Joey and his family and it is a lot of fun!

In honor of my outdoorsy-ness, I thought that this weeks #backthatazzup song choice is…

Thanks to Whitney from I Wore Yoga Pants to Work for hosting!

Have an awesome Friday, and I hope you’re outside enjoying SUMMER!!

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