Get Movin’ MIMM

I have been MIA…so sorry, this past week was a blur and crazy busy, yet nothing too exciting occurred to really re-cap. So let’s move on, shall we?

Happy Monday and Happy MIMM, I’m pretty sure MIMMs are the only thing that can get me excited for Mondays…seriously! Thank you Katie, for the party!! I’m not sure how she does it, keeps up with her blog, is a wife, a mother of two (one is a newborn), and still makes time for family and friends. She’s the multi-tasking queen!!

Summertime…the best time of the year, if you ask me…besides my birthday and Christmas ;).

I love summer because there is so much more to actually DO and it makes me want to get movin’!  Living in Michigan isn’t exactly ideal for an active lifestyle-excuses or not, when it is 30 degrees or lower, my body tends to want to eat as much as possible to pack on more body fat to stay warm, and run home to the couch under the blankets with hot chocolate (which may or may not include some peppermint Kahlúa) the minute I get out of work!

Yep, this is me! Booking it to and from the car and inside the nearest building during the winter!


THIS is exactly why I love summer OH so much…

I am more motivated with that yellow ball in the sky sharing with me its Vitamin D and warmth at all times!  I am basically living in the wrong state, even though I love Michigan. That’s another story for another day. It is so much easier to stay active with so many fun outodoor activities OR at least it gets you motivated to leave the couch and get your sweat on at your local gym, box, studio, etc.  Buuuuut, the biggest issue many run into during the summer is that there are SO many other activities going on (healthy or unhealthy) and they have so many vacations planned, this summer, that it interupts their normal schedule, and they just don’t have time to work out like they did in the Fall, Winter, and Spring.  It is tough, but it’s all about making the time to work out, even just for 30 minutes. Unless you have been walking around Disney parks all day chasing your children and dodging other people’s children, then you are off the hook on this one, because that chaos is no joke! I recently heard that the Magic Kingdom was closed by noon on the Fourth of July since it was at capacity. Ummmm, what?!?! You couldn’t pay me enough to be at Disney on the Fourth of July just for the park to reach capacity by noon. All of the people, screaming children, grown adults dressed up in costumes for a living…oh man having an anxiety attack just thinking about it. Really though, Disney is great, don’t get me wrong…but maybe I’m just more of an off season guest.

Love this…


See…I’m not a Disney hater 😉

I digress, where were we….

Yes, staying active even just for 30 minutes….It is your choice if you want to see your body change, or not.  We’ve all been there… “There’s no time to workout when I am on vacation,”or “The hotel doesn’t have a gym,” or “I don’t know how to use the equipment at the hotel,” etc., etc. You’re guilty, I’m guilty, we’re ALL guilty.  Afterall, we’re only human.  But, these are just easy excuses we are telling ourselves into getting out of working out for a week. Inevitably when you return home from vacation, or summer ends and you are ready to focus and start working out again, it will be like starting from the beginning, and no progress will have been made.  That’s not what we want…! 🙂

I am challenging you (and myself) to stay active, no matter how busy we are.  Try the following workouts for the rest of the summer (or heck, why not into the other seasons, too!), when you think you have a busy day, week, or vacation ahead.  With that, I have at total four workouts to share with everyone, so I will have a mini-series of Get Movin’ MIMM workouts.  Two of them will be options with a gym, and the other two will be options when there isn’t a gym available.  No excuses anymore, we can do this!!


Question of the Day:

Do you have any fun vacations planned for the rest of the summer?

I will be taking some long weekends, here and there, but nothing major this year.  I will be utilizing these workouts even on my long weekends! No more excuses! 🙂

Have an awesome Monday!!



9 thoughts on “Get Movin’ MIMM

  1. I actually feel the same way about Disneyland ;). I’ve lived in California almost my whole life, so the park is relatively close to my house and I’ve gone there a ton! Waaayyy too crowded and I hate lines as well, so I wouldn’t choose to drop a ton of money there haha

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