Get Movin’ Mini-Series #2 & MIMM

It’s Monday!! You know what that means…

It’s time for MIMM!

If you follow me on Twitter and Instagram, then you already know Marvelous was… #mypurchaseofthecentury!


There I am, moseying into Bed, Bath, & Beyond for Keurig coffee when I spot the Clearance rack, outside.  I browse the shower curtains, the snow cone machine, and then I see it. A Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer. I think, those are typically $400+, I wonder how much this one is. I lean in closer to get a better look, and sure enough it is $199 due to…wait for it…a damaged box! You read that right, Just about $200 off because the box was a little banged up, which in my opinion wasn’t really, but who am I to argue, I got a Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer for 1/2 off!!  Add (or should I say subtract) to that the 20% coupon and you’re looking at the new owner of a perfectly working with all of its parts included Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer for only $160!! I’d say that was enough Marvelous for my whole entire year!

 I was so happy and proud! I absolutely NEVER find good deals on anything, but then this purchase comes along and either changed my luck or makes up for my terrible bargain hunting abilities.  As we drove out of the parking lot with my new purchase, I was cheering for myself (out loud) and Tim couldn’t even believe how and why I was just so excited…he’ll learn. 😉

You know what else is Marvelous? Getting to visit my friend, Kari, and meeting her two week old baby girl, Carson.


Adorable, I can’t even handle it! That hair!!! It just stands straight up, and there is sooooo much of it! ❤ ❤

Marvelous is…

The 2nd Get Movin’ Workout is now ready for you to enjoy and sweat over in my Mini-Series!


This one is an option for you if you have equipment readily available on a daily basis or on your summer vacation!

I hope you enjoy and feel the BURN!!

Thank you to Healthy Diva, Katie for hosting this link-up, I hope all of you had a MARVELOUS weekend and Monday!



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