MIMM & Get Movin’ Mini-Series #3

I am a failure as a blogger! Ugh…I just don’t even know how all of you amazing bloggers healthy living and others do it every day, or at least consistently! I feel like life catches up and next thing you know, it’s a week later and here I am feeling guilty. Boo.

Okay, enough self-wallowing for one day…It was a MARVELOUS Monday here in Ann Arbor, and I hope it was for you, too, wherever you are!


What’s NOT Marvelous?

My apartment has mice!! Eek! Seriously, if you ever want to feel like the filthiest and dirtiest human being just find a mouse running around your house. You’ll feel it, I promise.  Thanks to my awesome roomie, she caught two of them via mouse traps and the exterminator come tomorrow. Hopefully they’ll get any of the lingering fellas outta here!  I honestly should have known when my bananas kept having holes in them and droppings found on the counter, but I thought the holes were from fruit flies and the droppings were…well I wasn’t sure just yet. Talk about biggest blonde moment of the year! Winner, winner mice dinner! Moving on…

Let’s focus on the Marvelous…

I found a new-to-me store that I’ve been meaning to check out for a while now, but never got around to it. I finally entered Plum Market, this weekend, and found heaven. No joke. If you live in Michigan or Chicago, check this place out ASAP! It is like Whole Foods, but I found it a little less overwhelming and easier to navigate and find things. It’s just pure beauty and happiness for me. Any other Plum Market lovers out there?

While at Plum Market I picked up the Chobani bite Carmel with Pineapple Chunks Yogurt and…holy wow! Soooo freakin’ good guys, do yourselves, your family, and your friends a favor and go out and buy this ASAP for all to enjoy!  I actually used it to make some overnight oats, recipe coming soon! Did I leave you drooling and wanting more?? 😉


I stumbled across the new Netflix Show Orange is the new Black, this weekend…ummm, please tell me someone out there watches this?! I’m obsessed!! Such a great series, I hope they keep new episodes coming! Hop on the #oitnb train, you know you want to!


I also watched EatPrayLove for the first time this weekend, where have I been?! Such a great movie and made me want to travel right now!! I loved the two lines, “Maybe you’re a woman in search for her word,” and “To lose balance for love is part of living a balanced life.” Beautiful. Plus, I adore Julia Roberts, and love all of her movies! ❤


Last up on this Marvelous Train? A brand new edition of Get Movin’ Workout Mini-Series!! Yessss, I knew you’d be as psyched as I am! 😉


Remember, we promised to keep moving despite vacations and busy summer schedules! Summer is almost over so let’s keep going and get ready for fall 2013!

A HUGE thank you to Katie for hosting this lil’ link-up party! It helps me look forward to Mondays! ❤


7 thoughts on “MIMM & Get Movin’ Mini-Series #3

    1. Hi Jill-
      Thanks for stopping by and for the email! Glad we were able to get you out of the spam folder. 🙂 Thanks for the invite, I am excited to check out your blog and Fitness Friday link up! 🙂

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