A Final Get Movin’ Mini-Series #MIMM

Welp, here I am, over a week after I tell you all how much of a blogging failure I am because I keep going on a hiatus. As I’ve said before, I give major credit to all of you bloggers that can blog every day, even with your busy schedules. And especially all of you mommas out there…you are all my heros!

It’s time for some belated Marvelous, people! Let’s get jammin’….

Marvelous is…

I owe you the fourth and the last installment of my Get Movin’ Mini-Series. You can read all about that here, along with the Get Movin’ Mini-Series 1 here. Here are the links to the Get Movin’ Mini-Series 2 and Get Movin’ Mini-Series 3, too! Or, all four of them can be found on my Fitness Page.


And there you have it…the last of my Get Movin’ Mini-Series for your sweaty enjoyment! I know you are all just as pumped about this as I am . 😉

Marvelous is….

An Open Apology.

This letter. It is a great reminder to all of us that health and happiness are what is most important when it comes to healthy living!


What is definitely not marvelous …

(Scroll to the bottom and watch the video)


What is marvelous is knowing to change your setting immediately on your smart phones. For all us bloggers posting photos 24/7 on our blogs, we want to make sure we take all necessary precautions when it comes to our safety and the safety of our loved ones.

BIG thank you to the Healthy Diva for hosting this lil’ link-up party!!



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