A Random MIMM



Haha! But really though, I really do love Mondays once I get up and going. Although I always say the weekends weren’t long enough… 😉

Happy #MIMM to everyone and, of course, to Katie, THE Healthy Diva!! Thanks to you for hosting the link up each week! If you have not visited her page, make sure you do!!

Marvelous is…

This is the last official week of summer. Although I hate to see summer fly by, especially living here in Michigan, I can’t lie…fall is my favorite season!! ❤

Marvelous is…

This Southern Butter Pecan creamer from International Delight…with a little raw sugar, this bad boy is lovely on these cooler fall-like mornings.

International Delight Presents: Southern Butter Pecan

I HAVE to try the Pumpkin Pie Spice flavor ASAP!

LMAO! Soooo true! ❤ 😉

Marvelous is…

Advocare!! Next Wednesday, I will have completed my first 24 Day Challenge, and the change in my body composition and the energy I have throughout the day is just AMAZING! Like I mentioned, I will be sure to share my final results and numbers, but if anyone is interested in this product, email me! I’d be happy to talk with you more about it!!

Marvelous is…

I am in my fourth week of my first eight week online graduate class and it is going pretty well! I am starting my 16 page paper this week, since that has been looming over my head since day one. I’ve finally selected a topic, so I am hoping that was the hardest part! Fingers crossed!!

Marvelous is…

Messy and Sweaty Circuit Sesh…

CIRCUIT-Complete 4 Rounds

  1. Jump Rope x 100
  2. 18lb. KB Swings X 15
  3. Hanging Knees to Elbow x 10 (each leg)
  4. Burpees x 10
  5. 40lb. Medicine Ball Carry -20 yards

ABS-Complete 3 Rounds

  1. GHR (Glute Ham Raise) Iso Holds x 30sec.
  2. Planks x 1 min.




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