2014 New Year Resolutions

I’m baaaaack!

Oh how I’ve missed all of you and of course participating in Marvelous in My Monday! Thanks for hosting, Katie!

I couldn’t think of a better way to bounce back from my couple month blogging hiatus than on New Year’s Eve with MIMM and a list of New Year resolutions for 2014. I think my blogging hiatus made me realize how much I missed it and in this New Year, I want to really try to stay on top of it no matter how busy my work and school schedule become. So, I thought actually writing this resolution out, along with some others would help me start out 2014 on the right track.

Is it weird that I’ve never really had New Year resolutions before, let alone write them down? Oh well, I’m freakin’ excited about these so let’s get crack-a-lackin’.

1. Become Closer To God

It’s interesting, as I began to think about all of my resolutions listed below, this one was the around 5th or 6th, which is not okay. I grew up knowing and loving God, but with my busy schedule have let that relationship slip, again not okay. And the mere fact that I didn’t think of God until later on down the list is reason this is my number one, and should be my number one always. Without Him, the rest of these resolutions mean nothing and they won’t get done without Him being first and foremost in my life. I am looking to find a really good prayer-book or a participative bible, any recommendations out there?

2. More Self-Love

I used to be really confident, and always prided myself on that. However, over the past several years my confidence and love and appreciation for myself and what I can do has lacked. I’m not sure what to attribute that to, but I have learned this year, that it is unfair to compare myself to others’ looks and successes and I plan to really focus on more self-love. ❤

3. Continue My Healthy Living Journey

I plan on continuing my healthy living journey through healthy foods and exercise. Understanding that there is no end point here…it really is a journey. I also plan to continue my exercise regimen and increase from 3-4 days a week to 5-6. Along with my circuit training and boxing, I would love to do the following:

  • Get back to strength training
  • Try a yoga class
  • Try a CrossFit workout
  • Try an Aerial Silks class
  • Try a spinning class
  • Get back into dancing with classes or become a coach/instructor

4. Re-Evaluate My Finances

I am really excited for this one because I am already one chapter into Smart Couples Finish Rich by David Bach. Tim and I are working together on improving ourselves and how we look at and manage money. Money isn’t everything and I don’t have to be a millionaire, however I do want to learn more regarding finances and what I can do to improve what I already do!

5. Blogging

Like I mentioned at the beginning of this post, I really want to keep up with blogging more often throughout the year and finish the year without any hiatuses. Here’s to hoping!

6. Continue Master’s Classes

Pretty self-explanatory. I earned a 4.0 in both of my classes for my first semester, I’m going to keep plugging away for the next year and a half to get this completed. 🙂

7. Focus on AdvoCare

I truly love what this has done for me during my plateau and afterwards. I hope to find more contacts here in my area to become more involved with the company and move up in the company and what it has to offer.

Happy New Year, Loves!! Wishing you and your loved ones a safe, happy, healthy, and successful 2014!



Question of the Day:

What are your 2014 New Year Resolutions?


80’s Workout MIMM

Let’s start this MARVELOUS Monday Tuesday with some fab news…4.0 on my final paper and a 4.0 overall in my first ever grad class! Let’s all take a moment, let that sink in, and celebrate….


Okay, now that we have that out of our systems it’s onto the next class, more reading, more discussion boards, and more final projects, only 1 year and 2/3rds to go…yikes! Moving on from that depressing thought…

Let’s take it back to the good ol’ 80s this Marvelous Monday Tuesday and find some motivation in some of those amazing songs! This workout playlist is courtesy of Tim. Like I mentioned a couple of weeks ago, Tim’s “jam that get’s him hype” is Eye of the Tiger.  I thought it might be fun to have him create a great 80s playlist of songs that we all love and are also fun to workout to. A different approach to a typical workout playlist or the one I shared, recently!

Let me know what you think!



Thoughts? What song(s) were missed?

Question of the Day:

What is your ultimate “get you hype” 80s song?

I don’t know why I’m asking you to answer this with ONE song, since I definitely can’t, but here are my top 3, in no particular order:

Whitney Houston-I Wanna Dance With Somebody

Michael Jackson-The Way You Make Me Feel

And of course, gotta rep. Detroit! ❤

Journey-Don’t Stop Believin’

I seriously love many, many more 80s songs, but these are the ones that I get excited and pumped when I hear them. 🙂

Bridal Shower/Surprise Bachelorette Party/CMU Homecoming 2013

Wow…what a crazy and intense past couple of weeks! I’m usually okay with Mondays, but this morning, I was especially excited MIMM was here!

I attended a bridal shower and surprise bachelorette party for one of my good friends last weekend, attended my alma matter homecoming this past weekend, and all in between that completed my first graduate class!  I’m having a little party for myself inside my head this am before I start my next class tonight! 😉

I was finally able to get back into the gym this morning and it felt goooooood! My mind was beyond ready after a two week hiatus, my body definitely struggled a bit. But that’s okay, I got in there and pushed through!!

Alrighty, to back it up a week…last Saturday I attended my friend Courtney’s bridal shower! I haven’t seen her in about 3 years and was so excited it was to celebrate her upcoming marriage! She currently lives in South Carolina, but came back to Michigan to hold her bridal shower since she is from Michigan and so are many of her friends and family. It was so great to see her and other friends that I haven’t seen in a while , since dancing together on our competitive college hip hop dance team, RAGE, and enjoy the day catching up and celebrating love.

As the bridal shower wound down, all the girls said their good-byes, but secretly headed to Mt. Pleasant, where most of us went to CMU, to prepare for Courtney’s surprise bachelorette party!  After they cleaned up, Courtney’s sister and another close friend said they were taking her to a favorite spot to have some drinks. It was over an hour car ride from the bridal shower location to Mt. Pleasant, and Courtney had to do it blindfolded! When she arrived, we were all outside waiting for her to yell surprise and spray some silly string. (I accidentally got her in the eye and she almost fell-oops!)

surprise bachelorette party

We spent the rest of the night dancing at one of our old college hang outs!




Alysha stopped by to say hello after work! ❤ her!
The BEAUTIFUL bride-to-be!

Needless to say, it was a VERY fun weekend, and I was so happy to see Courtney. I can’t wait for the wedding in March. 🙂

Fast forward to this weekend, back to Mt. Pleasant I went, with Tim to celebrate CMU’s Homecoming! I got to see two of my old roommates from college and have a nice big slumber party with all three of us and our significant others all weekend, while pretending like we were back in college. 🙂

Friday night we met up at the hotel and got ready to get our dance on and catch up.


But not until we all piled into the car…!IMG_5639

Saturday morning, we tailgated then watched CMU get beat by NIU…boo! 😦 Oh well, it was still SO great to see old friends! It was a bit chilly, but the rain held off and the sun even came out a few times.

Jaimie, Barbie, me!
Roomie love ❤


Mike! He lived across the hall from me and Jaimie our freshmen year.



So, there you have it…my crazy couple of weeks in a nutshell, minus the update on grad school, I’ll spare you those late night details. 😉 BUT, I will be sure to share how I did once final grades are posted! Now, onto my next class!!

A huge thanks to Healthy Diva, Katie for hosting this lil link up, and make sure to check out her blog…I just love it, she is always so positive! 🙂

Have a MARVELOUS Monday, lovies!!


MIMM Workout Playlist

It’s another Marvelous In My Monday!! I hope you had a fabulous weekend and a marvelous Monday! My weekend was filled with paper writing for my grad class, nothing exciting there except I still have lots more to write in the next two weeks before it’s due! :/

Thank you Katie from Healthy Diva Eats for being such an MARVELOUS host every week! ❤

I don’t know about you, but I LOVE music. I always have! I love all different kinds and love how it just gets your mood, thoughts, feelings, and can just speak right to your soul. I grew up on all types of music and I’m pretty sure I was singing before I could talk. There are countless home movies of me belting out my ABC’s, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, the Star Spangled Banner, and many, many more like I was the next Madonna. For realz!

Anyway, what music does for my soul, it does for my motivation and addrenaline during a work out. I thought I would share some of my favorites, and it turns out I have a TON! Since I love all different types of music, I am planning on sharing more playlists, soon! Enjoy! 🙂



Here are links to all of the songs, too!

  1. Ke$ha-Die Young
  2. Katy Perry-Roar
  3. Lady Gaga-Just Dance
  4. Jessica Sanchez-Tonight
  5. Nikki Williams-Glowing
  6. Flo Rida-Who Dat Girl?
  7. Jason Derulo-Other Side
  8. Will.I.Am-That Power
  9. Kanye West-Stronger
  10. David Guetta-Titanium
  11. Britney Spears-Till the World Ends
  12. Justin Bieber-Never Say Never
  13. Daft Punk-One More Time
  14. Eric Prydz-Call On Me
  15. Rihanna-We Found Love

Question of the Day:

What are your favorite songs that pump you up for a workout and get you motivated?

I know that Tim LOVES Eye of the Tiger, and many others that he says “get him hyped.” Maybe I’ll share that playlist next! Think 80s classics!!


Happy Marvelous In My Monday…or should I say Tuesday!

I wanted so badly to post this yesterday when it was actually Monday, but ya know…life, work, cleaning, and grad school tends to get in the way… 😉

Yesterday was such a MIMM day, because my weekend was just so Marvelous that I was ready to take Monday by the horns!!

On Friday, Tim planned a date night for us! I don’t remember the last time we had one “officially” and he wouldn’t tell me where we were going or anything! He ended up making reservations at The Common Grill located in Chelsea which is just 20 minutes out of Ann Arbor. Neither of us had ever been, but had heard good things. The food was phenomenal! We started out with the Crispy Parmesan Portobello Fries, Moscato for me, and Vanilla Stout for Tim.  We each then had a salad, I ordered the Tuscan Pear and Gorgonzola while Tim had the House Salad, before the main course. Tim went with the Mixed Grill which included: Herbed Chicken Breast, Grilled Beef Tenderloin, BBQ Shrimp wrapped in Applewood Smoked Bacon, White Cheddar Mashed Potatoes, and Grilled Asparagus.
IMG_3658 - Copy

I ordered the Roasted Pancetta Wrapped Pork Tenderloin which had Fig Balsamic Jam, Pear Chutney, Warm Corn Pudding, and Buttered French Beans. Can I just say best decision ever?! The fig jam and pear chutney made the dish!


After dinner, we headed over to Chelsea Ale House where a band was playing for the night. Tim and I shared a flight of beers to taste test the ones that sounded the best! Tim did a great job with the surprise date night, I guess it’s my turn to plan one now!


IMG_3662 IMG_3660 - Copy

Bright and early, Saturday morning, we headed to downtown Grand Rapids to enjoy the annual ArtPrize. Tim and I drove through it last year on our way to a wedding and it looked like a lot of fun, so we made sure to go this year. It was the first time either of us had been, but it was such a great day! The weather was absolutely perfect!!

We started at San Chez which is a Tapas Bistro and Cafe, for breakfast. We had been last year and it was so delicious, we knew we wanted to fuel up there before we walked all over Grand Rapids for the day. I ordered the Breakfast Quesadilla complete with eggs, bacon, onions & peppers, and Manchego & Colby cheeses. Served with harissa sour cream and habañero salsa…needless to say, it was amazing…again!


After breakfast we headed out into the very crowded streets to check out all of the great art! Check it out!

IMG_3666 IMG_3667 - Copy IMG_3668 IMG_3669 IMG_3670 IMG_3673 IMG_3675 IMG_3676 IMG_3680 IMG_3681 - Copy

Seeing all of the art and creativity was just so beautiful, but my favorite part was reading or hearing about how they created some of these pieces! It just blows my mind where and how people find inspiration or ideas and execute them! I had a few favorites after seeing the processes behind the art, but my favorite piece was this one, called GRAND.


Tim and I originally walked right by this piece, but I stopped because I saw a small t.v. in the corner explaining the process/thought behind this piece. The artist went into various parts of the Grand River in Grand Rapids and took sound clips of the running water. She then inserted those sounds into a computer system, where she saw that the sound waves actually reflected (no pun intended) what the river looks like. The system then carved out the sound waves into the acrylic sculpture. While in Grand Rapids recording sound from the river, she also recorded sound clips from city sounds, inserted those into the computer system and into various parts of the river sculpture so that it was incorporated into the river.  After that was complete, she buffed it until smooth. Seriously, how do you come up with something that in-depth and creative?! It baffles me! Anyway, you can watch a video here, if you would like!


me and timGR

Before we left Grand Rapids for the day, we made sure to stop by one of our favorite spots, Founders Brewing Company. They have great beer and sandwiches, Red’s Rye is one of my favorites! They also recently expanded/renovated, so we had to check it out!


One of Tim’s friends lives near Grand Rapids and was having people over Saturday night for his birthday, so we headed there for the rest of the evening to enjoy the rest of the gorgeous day on their deck, snacking, drinking, playing cornhole, and watching football. It was a PERFECT day!

Sunday was a rainy and yucky day to drive back, but I was able to get a few good pictures of the leaves changing! I love Fall!

IMG_3690 IMG_3691

The rest of the evening was spent working on my reading assignment for class, Tim making dinner, and watching the season premiers of Once Upon A Time and Revenge (Tim’s favorites…really though, he hates them, lol).

Seriously, it was just such a great weekend! I hope all of you had a MARVELOUS weekend and Monday! As always, thank you Katie at Healthy Diva Life for hosting the party!

Enjoy your Tuesday, loves!

AdvoCare 24 Day Challenge

I know I have been MIA, but between work, my grad school classes, and working out…there is just not enough hours in the day.  😦 It makes me sad that I can barely write my blog once a week, but I am working on improving that…we will see. Ok…onto the good stuff!


Yesterday, was my last day of the 24 Day Challenge with AdvoCare and it was just plain AWESOME! I loved how the composition of my body changed and it was the best decision I made for myself!


For those of you not aware of AdvoCare, it is a health and wellness company that offers nutrition, energy , weight loss, and sport performance solutions. The 24 Day Challenge consists of a 10 Day Cleanse and a 14 Day Max Phase. The cleanse helps prepare your body to intake nutrients appropriately and burn the right fuel in your body. There is Spark energy drink for the morning (and later in the day if you choose), along with Catalyst (optional), which is an Amino Acid supplement. I then drink a fiber drink and take ProBiotic Restore supplements. Later in the day you take OmegaPlex, fatty (necessary) acids, and then herbal cleanse pills before bed.

Next is the Max Phase which consists of Spark energy drink along with the MNS supplements in the morning and Catalyst. You drink one Meal Replacement Shake during the day, three more packs of MNS, and OmgaPlex. All of this sounds intense and intimidating, but it really isn’t. It just takes some planning and commitment on your part.

Overall, this really helps kick-start your journey, whether it is overall health and wellness, weight loss, etc. For me, I used it to get back on track with eating healthy and tracking/logging my food. I am the type of person that if I don’t log, I will underestimate all of my calories I took in and seriously think that a burger is only 100 calories. I am in no way saying that logging is for everyone, but it works for me. Find what works for you and try different things to do so, it takes A LOT of time and trial and error before you find what works best for your body, lifestyle, and schedule!

Now, what you have all been waiting for…the results!!

I ended up losing just under 9 inches total…so 8.75 inches lost and 5lbs lost. I still need to figure out how much fat mass I lost, but those are the basic numbers and I am so happy!!

If anyone is interested in purchasing any of their products feel free to follow the link here and/or I would be happy to help and talk with you more about AdvoCare’s products and the 24 Day Challenge if you have any questions, as I am now a distributor for the company….YAY AdvoCare! ❤ Just email me at whippingthrulife@gmail.com. The links to my products page are also now on the right side bar under both the AdvoCare and 24 Day Challenge logos.


I actually plan to continue with their suggestion of continuing to take Spark and MNS. I also plan on continuing with Catalyst, OmegaPlex, and I ordered ThermoPlus to try this time around to add to my daily routine. I’ll be sure to let you know how that addition works out for me, as well as continued results. 🙂

I have to give a quick shout out to Ashley over at Coffee Cake and Cardio! First, if you haven’t read her blog, make sure you do! She is a complete rock star and totally motivational! Second, she is the one who inspired me to start AdvoCare and has been completely supportive during my 24 Day Challenge. We’ve talked a lot for the past month since I first made contact with her to ask some questions about AdvoCare and the 24 Day Challenge and I’m so happy that I did!! That is one thing I love about the blogging world, you meet someone, find out you have one or one thousand things in common to connect with, and a friendship is born!


A Random MIMM



Haha! But really though, I really do love Mondays once I get up and going. Although I always say the weekends weren’t long enough… 😉

Happy #MIMM to everyone and, of course, to Katie, THE Healthy Diva!! Thanks to you for hosting the link up each week! If you have not visited her page, make sure you do!!

Marvelous is…

This is the last official week of summer. Although I hate to see summer fly by, especially living here in Michigan, I can’t lie…fall is my favorite season!! ❤

Marvelous is…

This Southern Butter Pecan creamer from International Delight…with a little raw sugar, this bad boy is lovely on these cooler fall-like mornings.

International Delight Presents: Southern Butter Pecan

I HAVE to try the Pumpkin Pie Spice flavor ASAP!

LMAO! Soooo true! ❤ 😉

Marvelous is…

Advocare!! Next Wednesday, I will have completed my first 24 Day Challenge, and the change in my body composition and the energy I have throughout the day is just AMAZING! Like I mentioned, I will be sure to share my final results and numbers, but if anyone is interested in this product, email me! I’d be happy to talk with you more about it!!

Marvelous is…

I am in my fourth week of my first eight week online graduate class and it is going pretty well! I am starting my 16 page paper this week, since that has been looming over my head since day one. I’ve finally selected a topic, so I am hoping that was the hardest part! Fingers crossed!!

Marvelous is…

Messy and Sweaty Circuit Sesh…

CIRCUIT-Complete 4 Rounds

  1. Jump Rope x 100
  2. 18lb. KB Swings X 15
  3. Hanging Knees to Elbow x 10 (each leg)
  4. Burpees x 10
  5. 40lb. Medicine Ball Carry -20 yards

ABS-Complete 3 Rounds

  1. GHR (Glute Ham Raise) Iso Holds x 30sec.
  2. Planks x 1 min.